VPN, short for Virtual Private Network encrypts your online data traffic and disguises your identity. Using a VPN keeps you protected and secure from hackers and data trackers while giving you the ability to access your choice of content - anywhere, anytime. Among other things, you should use VPN to:

  • Stay anonymous and hidden
  • Protect your personal data, such as passwords, login details, bank details, etc.
  • Stream global content

You can enjoy VPN UK for free by watching a few ads and earning VPN minutes.

We currently do not facilitate that mainly because we prioritize your online anonymity. In order to use it across multiple devices, users will have to create an account with us which can then store and share purchase information across devices. By buying individual plans on each of your devices, you ensure complete anonymity and privacy thus keeping all your information secure.

VPN UK is packed with various beneficial features and while you can use the basic version of the app for free, access to these features comes only with a premium subscription.

Using any VPN generally affects the speed a little. To solve this, VPN UK relies on its extensive stretch of premium networks and features like accelerate which give the connection speed that extra push.

VPN UK strictly does not collect or share any user data. We believe in true anonymity and start it with us not collecting any user data. Just download the app and get started.

You can read our privacy policy here - Privacy Policy