An app that enables complete online freedom and privacy while securing your iOS, Mac, and Android devices from prying eyes. It’s a VPN app that you can truly trust.


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Take control of your privacy with VPN UK. It is a free app that lets you earn unlimited VPN minutes simply by watching a few ads. Its patented algorithm ensures total anonymity by sending your personal data through an encrypted tunnel....Once you turn on VPN UK, you can connect to personal or public wifi without any fear of data hackers. Not just that, its Private Browser lets you keep your browsing history and identity hidden and secure. The app is loaded with features that work towards improving and streamlining user experience.

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Surf the web anonymously

At VPN UK, we recognise the need for a fast, secure browsing experience and aim to provide it. Stream content privately and smoothly from the UK, Japan, Canada, or any other country of your choice....With the help of our ‘Boost Service’ feature and extensive global network of thousands of VPN servers, we ensure that you get a decongested IP address and a fast VPN connection every time you connect to the VPN. Now without jeopardising your privacy or internet speed, you can download files, browse websites, scroll through social networking apps, stream movies and videos, and much more. Plus, our in-app browser offers maximum data protection while blocking ads and ad trackers.

Work seamlessly from anywhere

If you are someone who travels a lot, be it for work or leisure but worry about data safety on the go, then you have come to the right place. No matter who you are - student, business professional, avid traveler with VPN UK you can connect from anywhere to anywhere....Thousand of servers across the globe work together to keep you free from geo-blockers and connected to the world via news, social media channels and more. Not just that, you can also access your banking websites with ease without worrying about loss of any personal data.

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Secure all your devices

Be it your phone or laptop, VPN UK is trusted by millions of users to protect their iOS, Mac and Android devices. In just one click you can safeguard yourself from the prying eyes of hackers and trackers....The app is designed to deliver maximum benefit to the user and is loaded with carefully crafted features that provide ultimate security, fast speed, various locations and lots more. It is truly a one stop shop for all privacy needs.

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